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We are thrilled and very excited to welcome a new mermber to our team here at Mermaids & Mythology magazine. Cara Bamford is now our Assistant Editor, and after being with us in an unofficiall capacity for some time, we felt it was time to create this position for her within the team. In her welcome message in the latest edition, Cara told M&M “I am a huge fan of Mermaids & Mythology magazine and have always enjoyed helping out where I could in its construction: be it crafting an […]


New Mermaid Collection from Alter Ego Coming Soon! We here at Mermaids & Mythology magazine are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new ‘Alter Ego’ Mermaid jewellery collection. Due to arrive this summer 2012, we are expecting some more stunning designs from this exciting and funky company, who also bought us ranges like ‘Sleepy Hollow’ with spooktacular pieces like the Ghouls & Goblins Necklace and the Unlocked Secrets Necklace. Founded by Erika Walton, ‘Alter Ego’ turns the conventional into the sublime, and sets new standards for originality in jewelry. The concept came […]


The beautiful Moon Mermaid is seen here reading her copy of Mermaids & Mythology. She says, “Peeking at my interview in issue #2 of Mermaid and Mythology Magazine with Captain Blackstrap and Commodore Max!” Photography is by Grant Brummett Follow Mermaidmag and MoonMermaid on Twitter:


Pop star stunner, Katy Perry, makes a perfect mermaid as she appears in the latest ghd advertising campaign for ghd in the UK. In an interview with Us Weekly the mertastic star says, “I love it because I’m such a fan of the Disney movies. Ariel is such a big influence. It’s always fun to dress up once in your lifetime as a mermaid and have that fish fin tail.” We here at Mermaids & Mythology magazine think that Katy Perry makes a magnificent mermaid and hope she dons a […]

Mermaid stamp

Artist Aaron Lee Pocock has had his artwork published on a set of ‘Mystical Creatures’ stamps in Australia. We love this Mermaid stamp. Aaron says, “I’ve waited a year almost to see these… I worked long and hard on them… here they are at last, Australia Post’s latest stamp issue for stamp collecting month’ 2011. ‘Mythical Creatures’, at your local post office now!” You can BUY MYTHICAL CREATURES STAMPS ONLINE HERE:

Mermaids & Mythology

[superbutton link="" title="" image="" class="sprbtn_green" target="" rel=""]Order Issue 1 Now![/superbutton] We are so excited to present to you the new mermaid magazine for the world! Mermaids & Mythology, a quarterly publication full of mertastic stories, interviews, mer fashion, mer music, in fact mer everything!!! You can subscribe now and be one of the first people or mermaids to receive the magazine when it is officially released on 21st September on the Autumn Equinox! Mermaids & Mythology is a lifestyle magazine with a passion for the ocean which is printed on […]

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